The Environment Foundation has established a new web-based Guide to the management of New Zealand’s natural environment.

This new website provides freely accessible, practical and user-friendly information on the wide range of laws and policies which apply to New Zealand’s environment. Topics covered include the management of freshwater, biodiversity, air, marine and coastal areas, landscape, climate change, natural hazards, heritage and noise.


The new website incorporates and substantially enhances the very popular Guide to the Resource Management Act (www.rmaguide.org.nz) which has been operated by the Environmental Defence Society since 2002. This site is no longer operating.


Environmental Training


The Environment Foundation is developing a programme of workshops and training courses focused on the Resource Management Act and other environmental legislation and policy. The courses are designed to quickly upskill attendees on the application of environmental legislation in New Zealand including the implications of any recent amendments. They will require no prior knowledge and will be suitable for:

  • Individuals and community groups
  • Councillors and council staff
  • Scientists and research organisations
  • Corporate executives and environmental managers


The workshops will be tailored to the needs of the audience and institution involved. In-house or locally-specific courses can be provided on request. These workshops build on the highly regarded Resource Management Act workshops which the Environmental Defence Society has hosted around the country since 2002.


Environmental Handbook and Guides Series


The new environmental website and training programme will be supplemented by an Environmental Handbook which will compile information about the management of New Zealand’s environment into one handy volume. The Environment Foundation also plans to produce a series of updated guides on specific topics and these will address the implications of recent amendments to the law. They will include guides on the Resource Management Act, the marine environment and freshwater.


Environmental E-Bookshop


Once the new Environment Guide website is established, the Foundation plans to develop a new E-bookshop attached to the site which will sell high quality environmental publications direct to the public.